Personal connections between my program and other organizations/groups.

Since I created the FEBE program, I have had the opportunities to forge partnerships with individuals from organizations involved in a wide variety of fields/issues. These include, corporate and grass roots entertainment and performance, television and media, (both commercial and public) religious groups, childcare and child development, private education, public education, poverty and hunger and homelessness, injustice, racism, civil rights, village and neighborhood design based architecture and planning solutions, community gardening, volunteerism, self healing, cultural heritage, juvenile justice, prison reform, indigenous peoples and internet/digital technologies. Below is a list of organizations that I have worked with while on this journey to learn about Community Organizing. Also listed is the capacity and the field. Youth Enrichment Program, GA State University., (Program Partner) (youth education, motivation, empowerment) Def Poetry Jam/HBO (cast member) (Performance, entertainment, television and media) Universal Tao, (Certified Instructor). (Self Healing, Martial Arts) Service Civil International USA, (Previous Board Member) (Volunteerism) Visions Unlimited – Bankhead Housing Authority youth group (Program Partner) (Housing, community empowerment), Australia (Program Partner) (community theatre) Conalep High School, Chiapas Mexico (Program Partner) (public education) Hands On Atlanta Volunteer (Site Host) (Volunteerism) The Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger. (Program partner). (Hunger, Homelessness, Advocacy) Village Habitat Design (intern) (Architecture and community planning design) SCLC, (volunteer youth mentor) (Civil Rights organization) College Park Housing Authority, (Program Partner) (Public Housing and Community Organizing) AIM. Aid to Children of incarcerated Mothers, (staff, vegetarian cook) (children’s program, educational, prison justice, family, grass roots.) Alternate Roots, (member & Ford Foundation program development grant recipient). (Artists activist organization.) Black Sunshine, Chattanooga TN, (Program Partner) (Artists activist organization) South Atlanta Civic League, (member) (Neighborhood association) The Amestoy Family Community Initiatives, (Program Partner) (Community Organization) Amata.Intentional Community (resident/member) (Intentional Community) Sweet Auburn Festival, (fund raiser, talent organizer) (Festival, entertainment) Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, (Program Partner, and Host in Australia) (Community activists) Rockcorp, (Volunteer Host Location)– Program Partner Volunteerism, Entertainment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Doubling as a performance artist has made the community organizing work very interesting as one leads into opportunities for the other, and in many instances the lines between the two become blurred. Therefore I have included elements of what makes a successful entertainment event into the formula for successful community organizing. ( Working as an intern for Village Habitat Design ( has greatly expanded my vision to incorporate sharing the ancient village design principles into my curriculum and perspective. Working with a local youth leadership summer camp in Atlanta last summer (YEP) as well as a local youth theatre group in Australia ( enabled me to develop my program an include a fundraising component so that groups such as this can use the program to raise funds for their own causes. This aims to realize the vision of my program as well as that of the local host organizations

Other potentials / possibilities / visions...To maintain, develop and strengthen existing relationships formed over these first 3 years and to expand our list of partners and relationships that will bring us closer to the goals and vision of the program.  Many of these relationships have become dormant over the years.

Relationships and partnerships include:

The Georgia Citizen's Coalition on Hunger, Atlanta USA

Hands on Atlanta, USA

Georgia State University Youth Enrichment Program, Atlanta USA

The Amestoy family, Atlanta USA 

Lake Claire Land Trust, Atlanta USA

Mad Housers, Atlanta USA

Sevananda, Atlanta USA

Whole Foods, Atlanta USA

East Lake Commons, Atlanta USA

WRFG, Atlanta USA

HOT 107.9 Atlanta USA

Conalep High School, Chiapas Mexico

Pan Chan Community, Chiapas Mexico

Nueva Batania Community, Chiapas Mexico

Stanwell Park Arts Theater, NSW Australia

Country Womens Association, NSW Australia

Peats Ridge Festival, NSW Australia,

Bragadoon, Qld, Australia

SPAT, Stanwell Park Australia

CWA, Stanwell Park Australia

Dream Academy, East Orange NJ

Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, NJ

Greater Newark Conservancy NJ

Green Collar Futures NJ

Princeton Blairstown Center NJ 

Montclair Township, NJ

Montclair Mud Fun,NJ

Montclair Tutoring Club,NJ

No Waste Events, Sydney Australia

Adelaide Sanford Charter School, Newark NJ 

Habitat For Humanity, NJ 




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